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The Full Story

ARIYAT International has been in business in the UAE for a few years, and has a proven reputation for insight and innovation, as well as achieving high-quality, tangible results on behalf of clients / principals throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. The company has emerged as a symbol of success in a wide range of business activities such as general trading, petroleum product supply, industrial supplies, automotive spares and accessories supplies, and shipping and forwarding.

Our firm belief in customer delight is at the heart of all their activities. The goal is to get "Closer to the Customer." New product launches and infrastructure and network expansion are also results of an effort to reach out to an increasing number of customers.

The company manufactures automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants under the registered brands ZOLTON, MAXOIL, and ATOM. These products are made with highly refined mineral base oils, synthetic Olyfin Co-Polymer (OCP), and high-quality performance-enhancing additives. The grades are generally dual-purpose, meaning they can be used in both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Our brands are available in both Multigrades and Monogrades, with a variety of products to choose from that meet the needs of our customers while also ensuring maximum engine performance and protection. Our company also sells and exports Group I and Group II base oil in bulk and in drums on a local and international scale.

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