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Only the Best

Performance profile:

SAE J 1703                                       FMVSS NO. 116 DOT 3
ISO 4925                   
                       NATO SYMBO H-542
FORD ESEA-M6C-1001-A            
  GM 4653 M TYPE 550

Key Features:

A supreme quality, long-life performance synthetic fluid with excellent viscosity temperature properties, designed with water soluble polyglycol. Exclusively recommended for use in automotive hydraulic disc & drum brakes and servo controlled clutch systems, operating under severe service conditions.


  • Excellent fluidity ensures efficient functioning at extremely low temperatures

  • Adequate viscosity at normal and high temperatures

  • Enhanced oxidation and thermal stability

  • Exceptional lubrication power to eliminate friction and wear between the pistons and
    cylinders in the brake system

  • Outstanding water versatility ensures a long term drake system safety

  • Perfectly compatible with all elastomers to prevent trouble with gaskets and seals

  • Long term rust & corrosion protection

  • High boiling point to resist vapor lock even at high operating temperatures

Technical Data:

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