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SAE 90, 140, 85W90, 85W140 API GL-5

Outstanding Quality

Performance profile:



Key Features:

A superior quality gear oil for automotive use meeting the stringent requirements of hypoid, bevel and spiral gear units, axles and final drives operating under severe conditions and over a wide range of temperatures. These oils are blended from high quality paraffin base oils and fortified with extreme pressure additives. These oils meet the requirements of several automotive manufacturers for cars, vans and commercial vehicles. This oil also finds application in lubricating certain transmission or gearboxes of limited slip differential in some commercial vehicles.


  • Long storage and thermal stability.

  • Very good wear protection even under severe load conditions.

  • Compatible with all seal materials applied.

  • Mild detergent and dispersant property

  • Improved frictional characteristics ensures proper torque biasing and anti stick-slip performance

Technical Data:

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